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All rights are reserved. Copyright to the material on the pares is in most cases held by the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), and in certain parts by the producers anf the authors of the pages/material. Copyright to the solutions associated with the technical implementation of the pages is held by Metla unless otherwise stated.

The law of copyrights is to be complied with when utilising the material on Metla's Internet pages. When referring to the material, the www-address and adte of the page should always be mentioned as the source.

The use of photograps and graphic and other illustrative material has always to be agreed on separately.

Maintenance and development
The project "Maintenance and development of Metla's Internet-services" (1999-2001) compiled Internet-pages in co-operation with personnel of Metla's research projects and units.

Since 2002 Metla's communication has been responsible for maintenance and development of the institute's Internet-pages.

For more information, please contact:
Metla/communications, ph: +358 29 532 2000, e-mail

Copyrights and team - general

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