The WFSE program was established in May 1996 when the European Forest Institute EFI, The Finnish Forest Research Institute METLA, and the United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies UNU/IAS agreed about research partnership aiming to publish books on world forests, society and environment to be used by experts, policy-makers, academia, and interested media and public.WFSE was approved as a Special Project within the IUFRO structure in March 2001. The main challenge of the future is to get the fresh global partnership of WFSE within the IUFRO structure operational. WFSE is optimistic of a wider global partnership and profile while operating within IUFRO.


The mission of WFSE is to conduct globally relevant research, effective dissemination and human capacity building on the interrelationships between forests, society and environment in support of sustainable development and wellbeing of people.


The mission is supported by the following four strategies agreed upon recently, and implemented as a joint effort between partners and other cooperating parties worldwide:

Major Outcomes

WFSE has created its reputation primarily by publishing five books of global interest. The research results have been disseminated extensively in Africa, the three Americas, Asia and Europe through press conferences, seminars, workshops and other scientific meetings. Kluwer Academic Publishers established a new book series, World Forests, specially for WFSE. Research Program's first book, "World Forests, Society and Environment" (Palo and Uusivuori 1999), was published in January 1999. The second book, "World Forests From Deforestation to Transition?" (Palo and Vanhanen 2000) was published at the following year. The present book, " World Forests, Markets and Policies" (Palo, Uusivuori and Mery 2001), is the latest volume produced by WFSE. The other WFSE publications are, "Forest Transitions and Carbon Fluxes" (Palo 1999) and "A Global Study of Regional Trade Flows of Five Groups of Forest Products" (Michie and Kin 1999). More detailed information about the books can be found under Publications.

The creation of the WFSE/EFI Trade Flow Database of Forest Products (Michie and Kin 1999) is also one of the major outcomes of WFSE. The WFSE/EFI database is the largest of its kind in the world. To learn more about us and our on-going work you can access our brochure here. Globalization calls for global research! You can also view our brochure as a pdf-document. The program's staff, as well as program's Scientific and Editorial Advisory Boards and the people who contributed to our first book, are a diverse group of people.

World Forests, Society and Environment

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