Program Staff

Program staff is a group of internationally oriented people with great cultural and geographical diversity. Excellent know-how, cooperation and professionalism are necessary in order to perform high-quality globally relevant research, produce research-based publications, increase the human capacity as well as promote more comprehensive and extensive global networking and dialoque between various parties.

Editorial Advisory Board

The original mission of the WFSE Editorial Advisory Board was to provide scientific guidance for the planning and editing of the books. The board members come from all continents and diverse disciplines, and some of them have also served as authors or reviewers for the WFSE book.

Scientific Advisory Board

In 2001, the Editorial Advisory Board was transformed into the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of WFSE to reflect the fact that competent globally relevant research is the foundation of the program's successful publishing policy. The new Board has seventeen members from five continents with Professor Alexander Mather of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland as the Chairperson and Professor Risto Seppälä, President of IUFRO, as Vice Chair.


The people who contribute to WFSE projects come from various parts of the world and therefore help to maintain the project's global, semi-global, continental and case study dimensions as well as promote interdisciplinary and globally relevant research. The first WFSE book had a large number of contributors. In fact, 70 people from all continents participated in creating the book. You can find here all the contributors of the WFSE volume 1 with their contact information. The contributors, including 14 authors, of the second WFSE volume came from nine countries on five continents. The present book, "World Forests, Markets and Policies" (Palo, Uusivuori and Mery 2001) produced by WFSE has 98 authors from six continents. Kluwer Academic Publishers established a new book series, World Forests, specially for WFSE.

World Forests, Society and Environment

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