Can Finland Maintain Her Comparative Advantages in the Trade of Forest Products in a Globalizing World?

Summary of the objectives :

1) To describe quantatively the past and future prospects of comparative advantage in the foreign trade of forest products by leading exporting countries.

2) To find out the underlying factors of these comparative advantages in these countries.

3) To make policy proposals for Finland, based on the findings of this proposal and our parallel proposal, for advancement of comparative advantages and for avoiding negative environmental impacts of expanding trade of forest products.

The findings of this study can be used in strengthening of comparative advantages in the international trade of forest products by recommending some complementing aspects to the National Forest Program in Finland. The forest industry corporations in Finland may find the findings interesting to guide their future strategies. Also some further hints may be extended to agents engaged in the development cooperation.

Expanding Trade, Forestry and Environment in Finland and in Her Rivals

Summary of objectives :

1) To find out the impacts of expanding external trade, tenure and transaction costs on deforestation in the leading forest products exporting developing countries, which have appeared increasingly as rivals for Finland in her main markets.

2) To model scenarios of deforestation under different assumptions of growth of trade with multiple variable models in the same countries.

3) To study qualitatively, and if found feasible also quantitatively, the impacts of expanding trade on the ecological sustainability of forests in Finland and in her principal rival industrial countries.

4) To integrate the above findings on the impacts of expanding trade on defeorestation and ecological sustainability into plicy proposals for Finland jointly with the findings from our another simultaneous projects, "Can Finland maintain her comparative advantages in the trade of forest products in a globalizing world?"

The findings of this project will support updating of the National Forest Program of Finland and corporate strategies as well as effectiveness of Finland in the international processes of forest policy and trade policy and in development cooperation.

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