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Novel forestry solutions for the Russian forest sector

Metla is coordinating an ex­tensive border region project on information transfer in support of the development of Russia's forestry sector in the Republic of Karelia. The project's main themes are intensive forestry, forest road construction, and the promotion of wood-based bioenergy. For example, novel educational content for forestry-related training in Russia is provided under the project.

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Russia eager to switch from ”wood harvesting” to forest management

The Russian forest sector unanimously agrees that extensive forestry has reached the end of the road. Extensive clear-felling, poor regeneration and inadequate improvement cutting have led to the prevalence of deciduous tree species and the degradation of stand quality in forests. In many regions, the forest industry is suffering from a shortage of wood. Intensive forestry is proposed as a solution to these problems.

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Sustainable forestry mastered – shortcomings mainly in communications

How to measure sustainable forest management and the sustainability of forest use? How to get parties other than forest-sector experts interested in forest-related matters? What information do sustainable forest manage­ment (SFM) indicators provide for the environmental, water, health and construction sectors? These are some of the issues discussed at a mini-seminar held in Rovaniemi during the European forest week. The Pan-European criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management were praised for their usability as evaluation and monitoring tools.

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KILPO research project:
How are globalisation and international forest policy reflected in the competitiveness of the Finnish forest sector?

The KILPO research project assesses the relative impor­tance of Finnish forest sector's competitiveness factors in international comparison and the influence of international forest policy on Finland. The research work comprises doctoral theses.

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Berries, cork, truffles – in addition to trees, forests harbour an abundance of untapped resources 

Non-wood forest products (NWFPs) are continuously gaining popularity. Consumer interest and general demand have increased on account of the health effects of products, the popularity of local food, and the concept of ”homing”. On the other hand, here in Finland at least, berries and mushrooms are considered forest by-products and little attention is paid to their availability. Could new services be created around these products? Might we have something to learn from Europe? Non-wood forest products were studied under a Pan-European research project. 

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INFRES – international research project develops technologies for the forest energy sector

The INFRES project (Inno­va­tive and effective technology and logistics for forest residual biomass supply in the EU) aims to reduce the costs of forest energy supply chains and improve compe­ti­tiveness in the sector. Machi­nes and systems are being analysed by means of demonstrations, with a view to improving productivity or developing completely new logistics solutions. More than 20 machines or systems in different parts of Europe are being tested under the project. Excellent ideas were generated during the first year of the project.

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Finnish forest-sector facts in a single publication: Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2013 is now available
The yearbook provides a compre­hen­sive picture of the state of Finnish forests, forestry and forest industry. It also includes information on forest nature, multiple uses of forests and environmental issues, and key international statistical data on forestry. Order the book or download it online.

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Forest Finland in Brief 2013
English-language little-big book of statistics – Finnish forests and forest industry. Available in printed or PDF format.

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