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Metla reforms inventory procedures in Nepal and Vietnam

The research and education project coordinated by Metla contributed to the export of national forest inven­tory expertise to Nepal and Vietnam for two and a half years. Work continues within the partner countries. What was the outcome of the completed ICI project?

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Metla promotes forest research in Mozambique

Metla is promoting forest research that supports the sustainable use of natural forests in Mozambique. Concrete research results are derived from the growth trends of the Miombo and Mopane woodlands as well as the wood properties and uses of other less well-known wood species from Mozambique. The work is conducted under a development project managed by Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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ADVANCE NOTIFICATION: Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 27.-31.5.2013

Event theme: Options to meet the increased demands for forest biomass in Europe

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Extensive new research in forest energy

Metla plays an active role in the forest energy sector’s international cooperation projects – as a partner or a coordinator.

The Infres project searches for new technological and logistical solutions for the wood chip supply chain.

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Enerwoods energises the cultivation and procure­ment of woody biomass through Nordic cooperation.

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Strong research collaboration with Russia continues – two new extensive projects about to begin

Metla continues its active research collaboration with Russia by means of two new research projects. The two themes are new cross-border solutions for more efficient forestry and increased use of energy wood and Russian forest sector's business environment. Both projects also include several Russian partners. The results will benefit those involved in Russian forestry on both side of the border. Promoting Nordic forest use methods in Russia will open up new business opportunities for Finnish forest machine manufacturers, among others.

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