Forests and Human Health December-16-2014

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By Dr. Tytti Sarjala, Researcher, Finnish Forest Research Institute

The IUFRO Task Force on “Forest and Human Health” will end this year. During the last four years the Newsletters have covered a wide spectrum of different topics concerning human health and well-being, social aspects, medicinal plants, collaboration between researchers and national and international organizations as well as new approaches to applying research results in practice to promote human health. The theme of the latest IUFRO 2014 World Congress in Salt Lake City covered several aspects of forests’ impact on human health and wellbeing. They focused mostly on the linkages between human well-being and quality of life related to envi­ron­men­tal, economic and social goods and services. One of our future challenges is to include new forest-derived resources, pharmaceuticals and other non-wood forest products with health promoting effects into the themes of the IUFRO World Congress. In order to display and discuss the possibilities which the forest can give us and to put more efforts into uncovering novel nature-based pharmaceuticals, the next IUFRO World Congress would be an excellent platform. In this issue we will look back and thank all the cont­ri­bu­tors to this Newsletter, and also encourage researchers to continue collaboration to enhance research work with this important theme.


During our 4-year IUFRO task force on forest and human health, many institutes, organizations and private companies have cooperated with us. They shared their opinions, experiences and related research activities in our Newsletters. In this last issue of the Newsletter, we would like to acknowledge the following individuals and institutions. Thank you for all your cooperation and support!

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By Hannu Raitio, Director General of Finnish Forest Research Institute

This is our last issue of the Newsletter of the IUFRO Task Force on ‘Forest and Human health’. The Task Force was initially established to examine the impacts of forests and trees on human health and well-being, and had a mission to bring together cross-sectorial dialogue between the different players in this field, especially forestry and health professionals. As the coordinator I am glad that this 2nd phase of IUFRO Task Force project has had direct contacts with many research institutes and organizations from different regions of the world and has established a great platform to discuss current research activities, future directions and opinions related to Forest and Human Health filed during the last four years.

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This is the last newsletter of the Forests and Human Health task force of IUFRO (The International Union of Forest Research Organizations). It is distributed electronically to members of the task force and all others interested.

The editors reserve the customary right to editorial decisions concerning submissions.

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