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To promote forest foods as important contributors to household nutrition in China

– The research activities of the Beijing Key Laboratory of Forest Food Processing and Safety, Beijing Forestry University (reported by Dr. Jie Ouyan, Beijing Forestry University)

The Beijing Key Laboratory of Forest Food Processing and Safety, which is affiliated to Beijing Forestry University, was founded in January 2005 and certified by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission in May 2012. This Lab is presently directed by Professor Dr. Zhang Bolin from Beijing Forestry University. Professor Dr. Sun Baoguo, one member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been officially invited to head the academic committee of this key Lab. Now we have 34 faculty and staff members, including 7 professors, 18 associate professors and 9 assistant professors (Fig. 1), who work with their projects in this key Lab.

Fig  1. Part of the group members in the front of the main building in the Beijing Forestry University.

Three groups with different interests are designed for innovative research:

  • 1. Processing, Safety and Analysis of Lipids of a Woody Origin. The research interests mainly focus on the organic processing, quality analysis, product authentication and safety determination of lipids from woody plants like walnut, seeds of Camellia oleifera, apricot, and pine nut as raw materials (Fig. 2 and 3). For example, we have developed several commercial products, blueberry juice and blueberry capsules together with Haida Biological Technology Co., LTD and Orogen Native Products Co., LTD; Walnut oil with Jingpin Fruits Co., LTD of China.

Fig 2. Walnut product


Fig 3. Blueberry products

  • 2. Processing, Safety and Analysis of Foods of a ForestOrigin. The main research covers fine processing and quality analysis as well as the detection of pesticide residues with arbor foodstuffs, wild vegetables, edible mushrooms and berries as raw materials.

  • 3. Safety System and Standards of Foods of Forest Origin. The main research involves the investigation and safety evaluation of the production environments linked to bio-resource utilization, the formulation of safety standards and systems of  lipids of woody origin, and forest-based foods or secondary metabolites including anthocyanins, flavones, and polyphenols.

Selected publications:

  1. Xiaoqi Sun, Lili Gao, Song Wang, Yin Zhang, Youqun Liu, Bolin Zhang (2013). Use of beta-galactosidase liposome model as a novel method to screen freeze-drying cryoprotectants. World Journal of Microbiology & Biotechnology, 29:1907-1912.

  2. Hongfei Zhao, Fengling Bai, Fang Zhou, Piotr Walczak, Xiangning Jiang, Bolin Zhang (2013). Characterization of Soybean Protein Hydrolysates able to Promote the Proliferation of Streptococcus Thermophilus ST, Journal of Food Science, 78: M575-M581

  3. Hongfei Zhao, Fang Zhou, Yeqiong Qi, Piotr Dziugan, Fengling Bai, Piotr Walczakc, Bolin Zhang (2013). Screening of Lactobacillus strains for their ability to bind Benzo(a)pyrene and the mechanism of the process. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 59:67-71.

  4. Boyan Liu, Jie Ouyang, Xiaofan Yuan, Liwei Wang, Bing Zhao (2013). Adsorption properties and preparative separation of phenylethanoid glycosides from Cistanche deserticola by use of macroporous resins. Journal of Chromatography B, 937:84-90.

  5. Jian Chen, Xiao-yun Tao, Ai-dong Sun, Yin Wang, Xiao-jun Liao, Lu-ning Li and Shi Zhang (2013). Influence of Pulsed Electric Field and Thermal Treatments on the Quality of Blueberry Juice. International Journal of Food Properties. DOI:10.1080/10942912.2012.713429 .

  6. Jian Chen , Xiao-yun Tao, Ai-dong Sun , Luning Li. Yin Wang, Shi Zhang (2012). Protective effect of blueberry anthocyanins in a CC14-induced injury model in human embryonic-liver cells. Food and agricultural immunology. 23:352-362.

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