Forests and Human Health June-18-2013

Forthcoming events


10-12 June 2013, Salaspils, Latvia
Baltic Sea Region Conference: Interdisciplinary Research for Higher Socioeconomic Value of Forests

The conference will address topics relevant to forest ecosystem goods and services, with an emphasis on the economic value of forests and appropriate management practices to ensure sustainable utilization of forest resources.

19-21 August 2013, Quebec City, Canada
15th Symposium for systems analysis in Forest Resources 2013

This symposium’s theme is ‘Analytics for sustainable forest value chains’ which covers a wide range of topics related to Forest resources. The worldwide forest products industry is at a crossroads. The future forest value needs to meet increased expectation from social and environmental aspects.

27-30 August 2013, Vancouver, Canada
Conference of Task Force "Resources for the Future"

The IUFRO Resources for the Future Task Force is focused on understanding the implications of globalization on forests. The Task Force will bring together forest researchers, industry and governments from around the world.

28-29 August, 2013, Uppsala, Sweden
Workshop on the “Nordic forest sector in the biobased economy – challenges for political science and economics

This workshop will focus on the concept that advancing toward a bioeconomy involves economic and policy challenges.  The private sector needs to innovate to produce green products and develop new competitive and sustainable business concepts to achieve large-scale structural change. This warrants a better understanding of how policies and market forces shape conditions for the bioeconomy.

15-20 September 2013, Granada, Spain
IUNS 20th International Congress of Nutrition

The main goal of this conference is to share with different cultures the traditions and knowledge of new aspects of nutrition development from all around the world.

23-27 September, 2013, Nancy, France
EFI 20 Years Sciences and Policy Forum

The European Forest Institute (EFI) celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013. This forum also aims to analyze the future of our forests, and how EFI and its partners can contribute to meeting the challenges related to the various changes, risks and uncertainties to which our forests will be exposed.

7-10 October 2013, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
16th International Boreal Forest Research Association Conference

This conference aims to promote and coordinate fundamental and applied research related to boreal forest ecosystems; to promote dissemination of research results, the transfer of new technology and new methods; and to further increase the understanding of the role of boreal forests.

9-11 October, 2013, Tartu, Estonia
Urban Forestry in Transition – Addressing the needs of changing societies

This international conference will address how urban forestry needs to be adapted within transitional societies, for example in terms of changing governance and management approaches. It will also study the contributions of urban forestry to cities that are more resilient and provide a high quality of life.


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