Forests and Human Health Jan-16-2013

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5-6 March, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden
World Forests Summit

Forests play a crucial role in the world’s environment, health and economy. The World Forests Summit will openly explore the tensions and compromises that are involved in creating a thriving global green economy, delivering fresh insight into solving critical challenges at both global and national levels. The World Forests Summit will focus on the following discussion topics: Forests and our future – what is the outlook for 2030? Can we put the value of forests onto the balance sheet, and if so, will it help to balance conservation with growth? How are forest products industries adapting their business models? What is the role of forests in mitigating climate change?

21-26 April 2013, Fóz do Iguaçu (PR), Brazil
Protected Areas and Place Making: How do we provide conservation, landscape management, tourism, human health and regional development?

The objective of the conference is to bring together expertise to explore solutions and develop practices in regions where balance and maintenance are essential in conserving resilience and addressing the recovery of landscapes. The following sub-themes will be included in this IUFRO conference: forest recreation, landscape and nature conservation, urban forestry and well-being, nature based tourism, human – wildlife conflict management, rural development and the governance of forested landscape.

19-23 May 2013, Traverse City, Michigan USA
2nd IUFRO Conference on “Forests for People” – a growing interdisciplinary task

The aim of this conference by the IUFRO is to build a systematic body of knowledge about “forests for people” and its various facets, including possible future trends and challenges. This conference and the follow-up process aim to integrate knowledge from various disciplines inside and outside of forestry, such as tourism, recreation, education, urban planning and many others.

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