Forests and Human Health Jan-16-2013

Editor’s words

The IUFRO Task Force ‘ForHealth’ launched a series of electronic Newsletters in 2011 and 2012 on different topics concerning forests and human health: Forest and Pharmacy (1/2011); Forest Food, Herbs and Human Health (2/2011); and Improvement of Mental and Physical Well-being by Using Forests (1/2012). In this fourth issue (2/2012) we aim to emphasize the role of forests globally. The value of forests from the point of view of human health varies in different parts of the world and also among people with different societal status. We should be aware of the importance of maintaining the diversity of forests in different parts of the world, due to the wide range of ways to utilize forests and forest-derived products for human health. Forests as a reservoir of potential health products and a source of mental and physical well-being need to be evaluated with a wide perspective when predicting their value in the future. Keeping this in mind, we have invited people from different continents to share their experiences and to introduce the effects of forests on human health worldwide.

We hope that our Newsletter, as a platform, will continue to bring experiences and knowledge of forests and human health from different countries and different groups of people. This would support the efforts to achieve our objective for ForHealth that people worldwide will in the future pay more and more attention to the value of forests.

By Dr. Tytti Sarjala

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