Forests and Human Health June-20-2012

Forthcoming events


6 - 15 September 2012, IUCN World Conservation Congress, Jeju, South Korea

The Congress theme is to be Nature+, and will explore many of our most pressing environmental and development challenges from this perspective and how strong and resilient nature is intricately linked to solving these issues, including Nature+ climate, Nature+ food, Nature+ development, Nature+ people & governance and Nature+ life.

27-28 September 2012: Forests for cities, forests for people - Perspectives on urban forest governance, Zagreb, Croatia

This international conference will focus on how urban forests are governed, and will also discuss the benefits provided by urban forests and ways to assess these. Citizens' perceptions and needs, human health and recreation, social and aesthetic aspects of urban forests as well as urban forest health will also be addressed as important elements for decision making related to urban forests.

2 December 2012, Forest Day 6, Doha, Qatar

The Sixth Forest Day is a platform for anyone with an interest in forests, climate change and human life, and is also an opportunity for stakeholders from different backgrounds and regions to network, share their experiences and debate the pressing issues facing forests around the world.

12-13 December 2012: International Conference on Forest, Mountain & People 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka

This Conference will provide a unique forum for participants to explore the many multidisciplinary aspects of forest and mountain science including impacts on livelihoods. It will also feature a broad range of technical, social, and legal topics that are of national and international interest for ensuring the sustainability of forest and mountain resources.

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