From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Co-ordination and management of research

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The Research Director is responsible for coordinating, developing and steering Metla's research activities. The research priorities and research strategy are approved by the Management Board.

The Research Expert Group appointed by the Director General, consists of the institute's professors and other recognised scientists. The Research Expert Group evaluates project proposals, gives advice and support on matters concerning research, and participates in the strategic planning of the research activities.

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) has a broad scientific mandate to advise Metla by:

  • reviewing Metla's strategic goals and focus areas in relation to other research organisations,
  • making initiatives on new research directions and research program areas,
  • reviewing the quality and relevance of the scientific and technical information produced by Metla,
  • promoting relevance and scientific impact of Metla's research internationally,
  • promoting co-operation and networking with other leading international forest research organisations, and
  • promoting Metla as a reliable producer of scientific knowledge and collaborator.

Evaluation. The research projects and programmes are evaluated at set intervals, the latest at the end of the project. Recognised national and international experts participate in the evaluation process.

For more information please contact

  • Leena Paavilainen, Research Director, ph. +358 29 532 2020,
    e-mail: leena.paavilainen(a)
  • Taneli Kolström, Research Director, ph. +358 29 532 5011,
    e-mail: taneli.kolstrom(a)
  • Kirsi Turunen, Secretary to the Research Director, ph.+358 29 532 2055,
    e-mail: kirsi.turunen(a)
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