From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Peatland research

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Luke’s expertise as a pillar of the peatland professional and researcher network

Peatland forests comprise approximately one quarter of Finland’s forest land area and wood resources. The hydrological, nutritional and thermal conditions as well as soil biological, chemical and physical properties of peatlands differ substantially from those of mineral soil forests.

In Metla, the specialists involved in peatland forest research are skilled in the disciplines associated with the functioning of peatland ecosystems as well as in finding solutions to land use issues. The aim of the research is to generate knowledge for use by land use authorities, forestry professionals, and wood producers; knowledge on the basis of which management guidelines for silviculture, wood harvesting, forest regeneration and environmental impacts can be developed to meet the needs at the practical level.




Professor Raija Laiho
(forestry, soil, greenhouse gases) Luke Parkano
Tel. 029 532 2078
e-mail: raija.laiho(a)

Professor Anne Tolvanen
(diversity, restoration)
Luke Oulu
Tel. 029 532 3782
e-mail: anne.tolvanen(a)

Professor Leena Finér
(effluent load)
Luke Joensuu
Tel. 029 532 3067
e-mail: leena.finer(a)

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