Procedure for filling the vacancy for a post


Professorship, with specialization in the economy of multiple forest use


1. About the post, the need for it, and its scope and orientation


The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) aims to “promote economically, ecologically and socially sustainable use of forests by means of research”. Basic research is conducted to support applied research, and cooperation within forestry research as well as utilization of research findings are promoted. The organizational structure of Metla’s current network of administrative and operative units will be streamlined in cooperation with other research institutes and universities. One of the four focus areas of research is the “Societal significance of forests”. The focus area produces and communicates information about the societal significance of forests/forest-based entrepreneurial and business activities , the well-being impact of forests, the political means and effects related to forests and the forest industry, and predicts the future of the forest sector. The research focuses on the ecological, social and cultural sustainability of forest use.


In accordance with its strategy (2010-2012), the University of Oulu aims to strengthen its societal impact, starting from successful accomplishment of its primary task, i.e. scientific research and instruction. The University accomplishes its societal tasks through close cooperation with its operating environment. One of the University’s three focus areas is “northern studies and the environment”, which is being coordinated by a specialized unit called the Thule Institute. The institute aims to promote, integrate and carry out cross-disciplinary instruction, research and societal interaction related to northern studies and the environment.


The Thule Institute coordinates the NorNet network (The University of Oulu, The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, The Agrifood Research Finland MTT, The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira, and northern environmental centers). NorNet (Northern Environmental Research Network) constitutes an alliance of researchers of the northern environment and sustainable use of natural resources. The practical operation of the NorNet network is based on permanently established collaborative structures, which are constantly being developed. The cooperation is supervised by the NorNet steering group, which consists of representatives of the top management of the collaborative partners. Cooperative practices are being developed by a support group, a coordinating group and NorNet’s professorial team, consisting of the partners’ joint professors.


The perspective of reconciling different uses of forests concerns particularly the operation of the state enterprise Metsähallitus and the network comprising various areas under its authority. As a business, Metsähallitus fulfils its societal obligations in accordance with the Act concerning it in the following areas: retaining and increasing biological diversity whenever appropriate, promoting employment and recreational use of the natural environment, ensuring the prerequisites for the maintenance of Sami culture in the traditional Sami region, and fulfilling the obligations of the Act on Reindeer Husbandry. More accurate information is needed about the investments used in reconciling the different uses and the benefits gained through the use of these investments in different areas to serve as guidelines in planning the operation of Metsähallitus and as an aid in political regulation.


Metla and the University of Oulu have signed a cooperative agreement ( 28 Nov 2000 ). The following functional, scientific and educational entities are involved in this cooperation:

  • research cooperation (joint research projects)
  • cooperative research seminars
  • utilization of researchers outside Metla and of the University’s Adjunct Professor pool
  • cooperation with international research programmes and organizations
  • support to postgraduate and postdoctoral education.


In accordance with the agreement, the joint professorship will be a special effort to enhance cooperation. Most of the cooperation authorized by the professor as well as other cooperation will be accomplished via the NorNet network. The first joint professorship of the University of Oulu and Metla in 2000-2006 was in the field of forest renewal, while the second joint professorship for the period 2009-2014 will be in forest ecology, with special focus on forest ecology supporting multiple forest use.


2. Proposal for the professorial post


2.1 Criteria for defining the scope of the proposed professorial post


Northern forests are used for a number of economic purposes, including timber and wood energy production, tourism, production of natural products and reindeer herding. In addition to this, forests are important as a place for recreation and as landscapes, and they help to maintain natural biodiversity. More information is needed about forest biodiversity and forest landscape as well as the benefits, efficacy and profitability of forest management measures aimed at securing recreational potential and the prerequisites for reindeer husbandry. Sustainable reconciliation of the many uses of forests as well as conflict management pose a major challenge, and they must be looked at horizontally, also from an economic point of view, assessing the costs and benefits for different lines of business and activity. Economic research is needed at the level of local, regional, interregional and national economy alike.


At the moment, the forests in northern Finland in particular are under a lot of pressure in terms of use. On the one hand, industry’s wood supply must be secured; on the other hand, tourism and reindeer husbandry, which are particularly important for Lapland , need forest areas as well. Northern Finland is also home to the largest forest conservation areas in the country, and additional conservation needs have been proposed. More information is also needed about the benefits, efficacy and profitability of forest management measures aimed at protecting forest biodiversity or landscapes.


The proposed professorship will support the integration of the multiple uses of northern forests by conducting scientific research related to the economy of multiple forest use. The aim is to produce more detailed information about potential uses of forests and to understand, from an economical point of view, development trends and upcoming changes, which can be managed through reconciliation of different uses and their societal impact. The viewpoint of reconciliation of different uses concerns government-owned land in particular.


The professorship is a joint post of the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), Metsähallitus and the University of Oulu . The scope of the post belongs to Metla’s focus area defined as “Forest-based entrepreneurial and business activities” and “Societal significance of forests”.


Within the University of Oulu , the professorship lends support to the University’s strategy of development of a scientific university in cooperation with the sectoral research institutes and the business sector. The post belongs to the focus area of northern studies and environment coordinated by the Thule Institute.


The aim to promote cooperation between sectoral research institutes and universities has been recorded in the Council of State’s decision in principle concerning the structural development of the public research organization (2007) and in the administrative inspectors’ reports (Huttunen 2005, Rantanen 2008). In their report, the sectoral research committee (2006) considered joint posts of research institutes and universities a feasible arrangement.


The professor will have the following duties:

  • to follow and develop his/her field of research
  • to conduct scientific research and participate in providing research training
  • to promote and coordinate cooperative research by scientists from Metla and the University of Oulu as well as NorNet collaborators in the field of sustainable use of northern forests
  • to promote the acquisition of external resources
  • to promote practical application of research findings
  • to provide scientific guidance to those conducting research within his/her branch of science.

2.2 Proposed definition of the professorial post


Title and scope of the post

The title of the post is “professor in economy of multiple forest use”


Specific definition of scope

The specific definition of the scope of the professorship is economic research supporting reconciliation of different uses of northern forests.


Duties of the post

The duties of the post include research and instruction in the field within the NorNet network.


In addition to this, the duties of the post have been defined in the statute on the qualifications and duties of academic personnel (KelpA 309/93, 20§).


The vacancy will be filled for five years (tentatively for the period 2009-2014) from the date of appointment.


2.3 Placement of the post


The post will be placed in Rovaniemi (Metla’s Regional Unit) or in Oulu ( University of Oulu ). The placement will be decided in the course of the appointment process.


2.4 Professorships and other corresponding posts in closely related fields



  • Anne Tolvanen, professor of forest ecology with special focus in forest ecology supporting the multiple use of northern forests
  • Liisa Tyrväinen, professor of nature tourism
  • Olli Tahvonen, professor of environmental economics
  • Jussi Uusivuori, professor of forest economy and policy
  • Pekka Ollonqvist, professor of corporate economics


Descriptions of these professorial posts are available at


The faculty of economics and business administration at the University of Oulu has a department of economics with three professors and researchers in that field. In addition, Agrifood Research Finland has a professorship in environmental economics, and Finland’s Environmental Administration has a research programme in sustainable consumption and production. Both are partner institutes of the NorNet research network.


2.5 Resources for the post


During the first three years, 25% of the funding for the research professorship will come from the European Social Fund and the City of Oulu as part of a project entitled Development of environmental economy research and instruction in Northern Finland . This accounts for a total of 9 person months, focusing on instruction and research on environmental economy and multiple forest use at Oulu University . The funding obtained from the project totals €110,000.


During 2009-2011, the University of Oulu will allocate €90,000 for the professorship as part of R&D in northern studies and the environment.


Metsähallitus will provide about €100,000 for the professorship over a five-year period.


Funding Metla will make up the remaining portion of the funding of the five-year professorship, an estimated €200,000.


The institute where the post is placed will cover the costs of equipment, facilities and other indirect expenses.


2.6. Salary


The salary will be determined based on the collective agreement concerning salaries at the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla PAJ-2005 salary system). The salary will consist of a portion determined by task competence requirements and a portion based on personal work performance. According to the Forest Research Institute’s salary system, total salary at competence level 13-14 is €4,900 – 5,500/month, depending on personal work performance.


2.7 Estimate of the number of potential qualified candidates for the post


In view of the field of research and instruction in question, in universities and research institutes there are several potential candidates with adequate qualifications both in Finland and abroad. The post will be filled through an international application process.


2.8 Experts to be consulted in further preparations


An appointment committee (5 persons) will be set up to take care of further preparations. Representatives will be selected by Metla (2), the University of Oulu (2) and Metsähallitus (1). There are many highly acknowledged researchers of multiple forest use working at universities and research institutes in Finland and abroad who can serve as experts and referees for the appointment of a suitable person to this professorship.


2.9 Other issues


Metla discussed this post in their board meeting on 24 April 2007 .

The post has also been discussed in a professorial meeting on 23 November 2007 and by operative management on 26 January 2009 .


The University of Oulu has discussed the post in negotiations between the Thule Institute and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The person appointed to the post will have a key role in the development of the research programmes of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration .



3. Information concerning the filling of the vacancy


3.1 Qualifications


The qualifications of the nominee will be evaluated in a way that is compatible with the practices and evaluation criteria of both Metla and the University of Oulu .


In accordance with the statute on the Finnish Forest Research Institute (762/2005), section 9, the professor should have a doctoral degree and be thoroughly familiar with the scope of the post. In accordance with section 2 of the statute on the qualifications and tasks of academic personnel, the professor should have scientific or artistic competence, teaching skills and, if considered necessary from the viewpoint of his duties, practical familiarity with the scope of the post.


The special qualifications required of a university professor have been defined in section 2 of the statute on qualifications. According to that, a professor should have:


1) scientific competence, which is evaluated based on the applicant’s scientific research, ability to supervise research, teaching material of scientific value and other scientific merits and degrees;


2) teaching skill, as evaluated based on the applicant’s pedagogic training, practical experience of instruction, ability to produce teaching material, others merits in instruction and demonstration of teaching skills;


Successful performance in a professorial post requires, along with research and teaching skills, good networking and organizing ability as well as cognitive and practical abilities to achieve the goals set for the post.


3.2 Language skills


Finnish Forest Research Institute

When filling the post, the Act on the Knowledge of Languages Required of Personnel in Public Bodies (424/2003) is applied, requiring an excellent oral and written command of Finnish (section 6 a).


University of Oulu

According to section 15 of the statute on qualifications, people holding academic teaching and research posts must have adequate competence in Finnish and be able to understand Swedish. A person is considered to have adequate competence in Finnish or Swedish if s/he has shown perfect command of the Finnish or Swedish language in the manner decreed in the statute on the demonstration of Finnish or Swedish competence (442/87) or has completed his/her education in Finnish or Swedish.


A non-Finnish person or a Finnish citizen who is not a native Finn can be appointed to a teaching or research post, although s/he has not demonstrated the decreed level of Finnish or Swedish competence (section 18).


According to section 9 of the law on universities, the University’s language of instruction and examinations is Finnish. According to the rules and regulations of the University of Oulu concerning instruction and students, languages other than Finnish can be used when necessary for the practical organization of instruction. If a language other than Finnish is used in instruction, the curriculum should include a note on this (section 5).


3.3 Application for the post


The applicant must present a written application, which should be addressed to the Finnish Forest Research Institute. The application notice contains information of the deadline and the place for filing applications.


Four identical English-language copies of the following documents should be appended to the application:


1) Extract of the personal file or a corresponding account (if the person does not have a personal file kept of him- or herself); the extract of personal file must have been issued within three months preceding the filing of the application, and the track record must be certified as correct.


2) A short curriculum vitae compatible with the instructions in Appendix 1.


3) A list of publications classified as follows:

  1. articles published in international scientific peer-reviewed journals;
  2. articles published in international scientific collections or international peer-reviewed conference proceedings;
  3. articles published in Finnish scientific peer-reviewed journals;
  4. articles published in Finnish scientific collections and Finnish peer-reviewed conference proceedings;
  5. scientific monographs;
  6. other scientific publications, such as articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings that are not peer-reviewed, and publications in academic series of universities or departments.


4) A short account (max. 2 pages) of research merits significant for the vacancy.


5) A short account of the applicant’s prospective teaching and research activities.


6) A maximum of 20 publications and/or manuscripts accepted for publication, classified as indicated in item 3.


3.4 Appointment


The appointment committee will rank the candidates and make a proposal for placement of the post. The appointment committee will suggest the choice of a suitable person to the Board of Metla.


  • Central statutory regulations


  • Act on Finnish Forest Research Institute (1114/1999);
  • Statute on Finnish Forest Research Institute (1140/1999) with amendments (762/2005);
  • Instructions for the process of filling professorial vacancies in Finnish Forest Research Institute

The regulations concerning the Finnish Forest Research Institute are available at


University of Oulu

  • The law on universities (645/1997; amendments of the law 1059/1998 and 1251/1999) and the statute on universities (115/98; amendments 799/1998 and 75/1999);
  • The law and statute on the filling of academic vacancies for professor and associate professor (law and statute on the filling of tenured vacancies 856/91 and 1581/91; amendment of the law 648/97 and amendment of the statute 462/98);
  • Statute on the qualifications of academic personnel and their duties (statute on qualifications 309/93; amendments of the statute 1083/1995, 463/98, 1068/1998 and 1217/2000); rules and regulations of the University of Oulu (1.9.1999)

The regulations are available at the web site:


Further information


In matters concerning the filling of this vacancy, kindly contact Metla or the University of Oulu as follows:


Leena Paavilainen, Research Director
The Finnish Forest Research Institute
P.O. Box 18
Tel. +358 10 211 2020


Pasi Puttonen, Research Director
The Finnish Forest Research Institute
P.O. Box 18
Tel. +358 10 211 2150


Kari Laine, Director
Thule Institute
P.O. Box 7300
FI-90014 University of Oulu
Tel- +358 8 553 3550




Huttunen, J. 2005. Valtion sektoritutkimusjärjestelmän rakenteellinen ja toiminnallinen kehittäminen. Selvitysmiesraportti 88 s.
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