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Completed research programmes

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Bioactive compounds in forestry-based bioeconomy BTA (2012-2014) Sarjala, Tytti

Developing Forest Sector in Russia and Central and East European Countries - Impacts in Finland IKE (2008-2014) Karjalainen, Timo

Distinct Authority Tasks VIR (2006-2014) Kolström, Taneli

Distinct projects - Forest-based enterprise and business activities ELI (2006-2014) Paavilainen, Leena

Distinct projects - Information reserves on forestry and the forest environment VAR (2006-2014) Kolström, Taneli

Distinct projects - Social impact of forests YHT (2006-2014) Paavilainen, Leena

Distinct projects 1 - Structure and function of forest ecosystems EK1 (2006-2014) Kolström, Taneli

Effects of forest management and environment on fibre properties and chemical composition of trees FIC (2012-2014) Saranpää, Pekka

Forest Sector Foresight -project group MTU (2012-2014) Hänninen, Riitta

Forest Soil Science project group MAA (2010-2014) Ilvesniemi, Hannu

Forest Statistics Information Service TIL (2006-2014) Aarne, Martti

Forest tree breeding MJA (2006-2014) Haapanen, Matti

Long-term monitoring of forest ecosystems projects MYT (2009-2014) Merilä, Päivi

National Forest Inventory VMI (2006-2014) Korhonen, Kari Tapani

The impacts and policy instruments of the Forest Biodiversity Programme for Southern Finland (METSO 2008-2016). MET (2009-2014) Tolvanen, Anne

Family forestry and forest policy POL (2008-2013) Karppinen, Heimo

Renewing wood product value chains and timber procurement solutions PUU (2009-2013) Heräjärvi, Henrik
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Wellbeing from forests HYV (2008-2013) Tyrväinen, Liisa
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Functioning of forest ecosystems and use of forest resources in changing climate MIL (2007-2012) Vapaavuori, Elina
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Bioenergy from Forests BIO (2007-2011) Asikainen, Antti
The program provides detailed information on the impacts of energy wood harvesting on forests, new harvesting models and wood supply chains.
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Cost-efficiency and quality in silvicultural operations MKL (2007-2011) Rantala, Juho
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Forest regeneration and sapling stand management UUD (2008-2011) Finér, Leena

Production forestry in drained peatlands SUM (2008-2011) Laine, Jukka
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Wood quality variation FIB (2009-2011) Saranpää, Pekka

Research and Development Programme on Forest Resource Information Systems and Forest Planning MSU (2007-2010) Kurttila, Mikko
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Safeguarding forest biodiversity - policy instruments and socio-economic impacts TUK (2005-2010) Hänninen, Riitta
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Forest Health Monitoring FFO (2006-2008) Derome, John

Potentials for the utilisation of roundwood and wood raw materials in relation to the wood product markets PKM (2002-2008) Verkasalo, Erkki
The research programme combines Metla know-how in wood science and wood technology, forest technology, markets and marketing of wood and wood products, as well as silviculture and forest pathology.
Brochure of the programme (pdf)

Alternatives of silvicultural practices in forest management and their effects on forest production MOT (2000-2006) Hynynen, Jari

Forest Management Planning MTS (1999-2006) Packalen, Tuula

Pools and fluxes of carbon in Finnish forests and their socio-economic implications HMS (2001-2006) Sievänen, Risto

National Forest Inventory VM1 (1998-2005) Tomppo, Erkki

Ecologically and economically sustainable forestry on drained peatlands SUO (1999-2003) Ahti, Erkki

Competition and public support in forestry JUK (1998-2002) Mäkinen, Pekka

Forest Regeneration in Southern Finland EMU (1998-2002) Luoranen, Jaana

Forest tree breeding JAL (2000-2001) Mikola, Jouni

Enviromental impact of forestry YMP (1996-2000) Ahti, Erkki

Biodiversity in the forest ecosystem MOM (1995-1999) Annila, Erkki

Forest Management Planning Research Programme MTO (1999) Packalen, Tuula

Multiple-use of forests MEK (1995-1999) Kangas, Jyrki

Potential use of increasing timber resources PUV (1995-1997) Hänninen, Harri

Forest health TER (1992-1996) Mälkönen, Eino

Multiple-use of forests MON (1987-1994) Reunala, Aarne

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