From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Metla informs interested parties about its services, latest research results, publications and other topics and events of interest. In addition to media releases and conferences, the individual information services and Internet pages of Metla provide up-to-date information about forests.

Media releases - Latest news published in English

18.12.2014 The Natural Resources Institute Finland brings together natural resources research in Finland
15.10.2014 Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook 2014–2015 executive summary
09.09.2014 LYNET IV Research Days: Utilization of natural resources over the border of Finland and Russia – perspectives of natural and social sciences
29.07.2014 Ecological Restoration attracts people to the SER2014 European Conference in Oulu, Finland, August 3-8 2014
Projects: 7586, 7445, 3532
Programme: mmk
30.06.2014 Metla Bulletin #2/2014
31.01.2014 The Swedish University of Agriculture is the new host for EFINORD
Links: EFINORD, European Forest Institute EFI
16.01.2014 Metla Bulletin #1/2014
31.12.2013 Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2013 is now available Projects: 3006
Programme: til
Publication: The Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2013
01.11.2013 Forestry Sector Outlook Improving
01.11.2013 Research Director Leena Paavilainen named as interim director general of Metla on 1 November 2013
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