From Jan. 1. 2015, Metla is part of the Natural Resources Institute Finland.
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Forecasts from Metla

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Metla prepares forecasts on a number of topics related to the forests, forestry and forest economics. Most of the material is published in Finnish:

Short-term forecasts for the Finnish forest sector

The annual Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook (published in Finnish and English) gives forecasts of export volumes and prices of products of the Finnish forest industries, roundwood consumption and prices, employment in the sector, and investment in private forestry. The forecasts are based on the expertise of the research team, a large data base and research related to the MESU -model.

Vole populations

©Metla/Erkki OksanenThe vole population forecasts are based on national monitoring of fluctuations in the vole population. The forecasts help to predict the risk of vole damage in forests and gardens.

Pine sawfly populations

The annual reports include information about the size and development of the pine sawfly populations. The reports also provide advice on the management of affected forests.

Seed yields

Forest berries and edible mushrooms

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