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Media release January 31, 2014  
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The Swedish University of Agriculture is the new host for EFINORD

Since January 2014 the host of EFINORD, the North European  regional office of forest research network EFI, is the Faculty of Forest Sciences of the Swedish University of Agriculture (SLU) in Umeå.

European Forest Institute EFI is a comprehensive forest research network in Europe; 25 European nations have ratified the convention on EFI, and currently there are 130 member organizations. Also, EFI is recognized for its independency and provisioning of policy-relevant, research based information on forests. The Headquarter is situated in Joensuu, east Finland; in addition there are five Regional Offices and the Policy Support office located in Barcelona.

Now, the Faculty of Forest Sciences at SLU in Umeå takes over as host for the northernmost ranch office, EFINORD, after Copenhagen. EFINORD will promote forest research networks in the Nordic countries, the Baltic and the North Altlantic region.

The general purpose of EFINORD is to intensify interactions between research institutions and groups by acting as an umbrella organization for network cooperation and by promoting themes specific for the EFINORD region. Two topics are of special interest: biomass production and intensive forest management, and ecosystem services.

There are three main partners within EFINORD: the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), SLU and the Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee (SNS) of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Nordic region has a long tradition in networking, but there is need for a more active co-operation. The two main partners, SLU and Metla, are striving to attain still further means of active research co-operation and mutual interaction through EFINORD. SNS collaborates with EFINORD in networking by announcing the mutual EFINORD-SNS network call funded by the Nordic Council of Ministry, for example.

The Umeå Regional Office staff consists of the researchers Peichen Gong, Maria Riala, Tuomas Nummelin, Göran Bostedt, Administrations and Communications Officer Desiree Mattsson, all working part time, as well as the  Head of Office Mika Mustonen.

Mika, Maria and Tuomas originally work for Metla, while Peichen, Göran and Desiree are  seconded from SLU. EFINORD is an important link for networking and researcher exchange within the Internordic cooperation, especially for Metla.

– As SLU is investing on cooperation through EFINORD, it is a natural and positive step for the Faculty of Forest Sciences to begin hosting the EFINORD Office. At the main location of the Faculty in Umeå there is a critical mass in forest research, says Mika Mustonen

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