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Media release, December 31, 2013  
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Finnish forest sector facts in a single publication

Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2013 is now available

The Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry offers an overall picture of the forests, forestry and the forest industries in Finland. It also presents facts about the forest environment, multiple uses of forests and environmental issues in Finland, and the most important international forest statistics.

As in previous years, the focus of the Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2013 is on monitoring forest resources, silviculture, the roundwood market and foreign trade by the forestry industries. However, over the years the content and structure of the book have been developed to better meet the changing needs of customers who require forest statistics. For example, the energy use of wood has become a key statistical theme over recent years, and there is now greater emphasis on environmental perspectives.

The tables and graphs in the Statistical Yearbook are accompanied by sections of text which describe recent developments in the forest sector and present the concepts and methods used in the statistics. At the beginning of the Yearbook, there is a summary of the key indicators (pdf) of Finland’s forest sector and of the wood flows (pdf) from forests for different purposes in 2012. There is a summary in English at the end of the Yearbook.

Metla’s forest statistics are all published online in the Metinfo Statistical Database. A PDF version of the Statistical Yearbook of Forestry and its tables and graphs can also be downloaded from Metinfo. It also provides a wide range of other forest statistics, such as roundwood prices, which are updated each week. Metla publishes approximately 50 Forest Statistical Bulletins each year and these are also available from Metinfo.

The facts contained in the Statistical Yearbook are used, among other things, for research purposes and for the planning, implementation and monitoring of national forest policies and natural resources policies as a whole. The Statistical Yearbook has been published since the late 1960s.



Further information:

  • Esa Ylitalo, Editor-in-Chief, tel. +358 (0)40 801 5515, esa.ylitalo(a)
  • Martti Aarne, Head of Statistics, tel. +358 (0)40 801 5121, martti.aarne(a)

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