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Media release December 12, 2011  
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Finnish forestry facts in a compact package

Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2011 published


The new Statistical Yearbook of Forestry provides readers with a broad overview of the most recent developments in forestry and the forest industries in Finland, including the most important international forest statistics as well. All tables and graphs are presented in both Finnish and English.

In addition to the traditional statistics on forest resources and their utilisation, forest industry production and trade, the Yearbook contains information on other topical issues, such as for example forest biodiversity, multiple use of forests and environmental issues.

In the first chapter, the most up-to-date information on the development of Finnish forest resources is presented, based on the 11th National Forest Inventory, carried out by Metla. The UN declared 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity. With reference to this, key statistics are presented on the abundance and versatility of Finland’s forests, including the results of the 2010 evaluation of threatened species. Basic international statistics extracted from the report on the "State of Europe's Forests 2011" are presented in the last chapter of the yearbook. Further, a summary table of the key indicators of Finland's forest sector has also been added to the Yearbook, as well as a diagram depicting Finland’s wood flows in 2010.

Extended time series of the tables in the Statistical Yearbook of Forestry are available online from the Metinfo Forest Statistical Service at The Service provides users not only with the Yearbook data, but also with a more comprehensive and detailed array of forest-related statistics, such as the monthly monitoring of roundwood trade, commercial roundwood removals and foreign trade in forestry products.

The Statistical Yearbook of Forestry, in common with practically all forest statistics compiled by Metla, is part of the Official Statistics of Finland (OSF). Metla's statistical production is based on cooperation and voluntary arrangements with data suppliers. Statistics based on Metla's own data collection include, for instance, those concerning removals, silvicultural and forest improvement work, as well as the consumption of wood energy. For recent activities in Metla's forest statistics, readers are referred to pages 11–12 of the Yearbook.



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