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Media release January 28, 2011  
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How to respond to the global drivers of change affecting forests?

There is a number of important drivers of change that affect forests and their products and services. They include climate change, population growth & urbanisation, associated changes in values and consumption patterns, globalisation, changes in markets and investments, and technological change. The Policy brief: Making forests work for people and nature – Responding to global drivers of change presents key messages and recommendations for safeguarding and enhancing the availability of forest based products and services.

The Policy brief recommendations relate to land use planning, policy development, stakeholder participation, the creation of an enabling environment for sustainable forestry activities, enhancing sustainable forest management and strengthening research, education and capacity building.

While the global demand for forest based products and services is increasing, deforestation and forest degradation threaten their future availability. Forests have a crucial role in for example carbon sequestration, regulation of climate and water flows, erosion control and the provision of habitat for biodiversity. In and around urban areas forests are also increasingly valued for recreation.

Often drivers that originate from other economic sectors, such as the need for agricultural land in many developing countries and energy- and environmental policies have important effects on forests.


Forests and Society – Responding to Global Drivers of Change (IUFRO World Series Vol. 25. 509p.) focuses on identifying and analysing the main global drivers of change and their direct and indirect effects on forests, forestry and forest dependent people. It proposes ways to reduce the adverse effects of these drivers and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities they may bring.

The Policy brief: Making forests work for people and nature – Responding to global drivers of change (IUFRO WFSE. 33p.) conveys in a concise format some of the main findings, conclusions and recommendations of Forests and Society – Responding to Global Drivers of Change.

The World forests, society and environment project coordinated by the Finnish Forest Research Institute has launched both publications. They are freely available for download at:

Further information:

  • Coordinator, IUFRO WFSE Gerardo Mery, tel. +358 50 391 2153, gerardo.mery @
  • Researcher, Dr. Pia Katila, tel. +358 40 801 5331, pia.katila @
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