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Media release August 19, 2010  
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GFIS (Global Forest Information Service) launches an upgraded gateway to improve forest information sharing

GFIS is introducing an updated gateway to enhance forest-related information sharing for both current and prospective users. The new and improved features will be giving users around the world an opportunity to share and access data. In addition to a more esthetically engaging interface, GFIS has incorporated a variety of practical features to make forestry information sharing more effective.

With a focus on universality, GFIS has made low-tech, yet highly-efficient usability its priority. For example, to address some of the difficulties users have had with setting up their own RSS feeds, the system now allows users without RSS feeds to provide information (e.g. events, news) through a web form. Information seekers can also create an RSS feed based on their specific search priorities for the purpose of following the updated GFIS results.

The contents of the GFIS gateway can now be easily viewed in 11 different languages, with Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean and Swedish as the most recent additions. One of the newest features to the service is a useful mouse-over translation tool for translating foreign headlines into English.

As social media is increasingly becoming the source of new information for the younger demographic, GFIS is dedicated to updating its Facebook page, Twitter account and the GFIS blog. These steps will assure that all users, especially students, have the most effective tools for sharing and accessing forest-related information. With the research needs of current and future students in mind, new genres of forestry information – Education, Experts and Projects – have been added to GFIS.

With the launch of the GFIS gateway in process, organizations and information seekers can now benefit from a more universally accessible tool to discover and comprehensively share the latest forest-related developments. GFIS is currently inviting new users and information providers to take advantage of the improved gateway and to work together towards strengthening the global forestry network.

The GFIS Coordination Unit is grateful to our sponsors: the Austrian government, the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), Korea Forest Research Institute, Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), US Forest Service and Finnish Foresters Foundation, who all have made this possible with their longstanding contribution.

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