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Media release May 10, 2010  
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Indufor and the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) agreed to collaborate

Indufor and Metla will pursue jointly selected project opportunities in projects financed by governments, international agencies, development banks and private clients.

Indufor and Metla have established a Memorandum of Understanding on long-term collaboration and to share expertise and resources in project development. The MoU was signed on 4 May 2010 by Prof. Hannu Raitio, Director General of Metla, and Tapani Oksanen, Managing Director of Indufor. Metla and Indufor have a long track of cooperation and are already implementing joint projects, e.g. the Finnish-Russian Development Programme on Sustainable Forest Management and Biological Diversity Conservation in Northwest Russia, and the Forest Resources Assessment in Nepal. “The cooperation will allow us to create new and better services by combining the strength of Metla’s more than three hundred research staff with Indufor’s global presence and networks”, says Prof. Raitio.

Additional information:

  • Prof. Hannu Raitio, Metla, email: hannu.raitio (at)
  • Mr. Tapani Oksanen CEO, Indufor, email: tapani.oksanen (at)
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