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Media release March 5, 2010  
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Research results for ecological forest management now also in Russian

The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) has published a book in Russian on the ecology of natural boreal forests. The work is entitled Hvojnye lesa severnyh širot – ot issledovanija k èkologičeski otvetstvennomu lesnomu hozjajstvu, and it is an extended version of the book Pohjoiset havumetsät – tutkimustuloksia ekologiseen metsänhoitoon (Northern coniferous forests – research results for ecological forest management), published in 2008. The research results quoted in the book are based on the wide-ranging Interreg-Tacis research project, led by the Metla Kolari research unit in 2006–2008.

The book contains detailed descriptions of the results of the Northern Coniferous Forests project. The project studied the dynamics, structure and diversity of the species in the natural forests of Finnish Lapland and North-West Russia. The objective was to produce information for use, for example, in developing forestry methods simulating disturbance dynamics occurring in nature, so the book also contains recommendations for forest management.

The book was originally produced for the use of Russian forest organizations. Because the book contains new information compared to the Finnish edition, a freely printable version of it was also published on the Metla website.

The descriptions of the nature of coniferous forests in North-West Russia are substantially more extensive than the corresponding sections of the previously completed Finnish edition. For example, the book contains an in-depth analysis of the forest mortality in the Dvina-Pinega region.

Additional information:

  • Researcher Heikki Kauhanen, heikki.kauhanen @, +358 (0)50 391 3522
  • Researcher Esa Huhta, esa.huhta @, +358 (0)50 391 3510
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