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Media release January 22, 2010  
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EFINORD Head of Office appointed

Mr Mika Mustonen, M.Sc. (Agriculture & Forestry) has been appointed Head of Office of the North European Regional Office of the European Forest Institute (EFI). Mr Mustonen will start his term in April 2010. EFINORD will gradually start its activities during the spring 2010. EFINORD will have its premises at the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute (S&L) in Copenhagen. The post of the Head of EFINORD is seconded by the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla).

Mr Mustonen (47) has worked as a Senior Researcher at the Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla, for the past six years. He has been the Project Manager of the ‘Metinfo’ Statistical Database which is Metla’s forest statistics service on the Web, a country correspondent for international forest statistics questionnaires, Co-editor of the Statistical Yearbook of Forestry and a Specialist on roundwood market statistics. During 2001-2004, Mr Mustonen worked at EUROSTAT, where he took part in the conceptual development of Community forestry statistics in collaboration with UN/ECE, FAO and ITTO within the Intersecretariat Working Group (IWG) on Forestry Statistics, and was managing and supervising the development and implementation of database for managing and storing forestry statistics.

The European Forest Institute is an international organisation conducting forest research and forest research networking at the pan-European level. The Institute is growing intensively and has currently established Regional Offices in Spain, Germany and France. EFINORD is the fourth regional office to be launched in Europe. EFI also has four research programmes running at the Headquarters in Joensuu, Finland.

Additional information:

  • Dr. Risto Päivinen, Director, EFI, tel +358 10 773 4313
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