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Media release August 03, 2009  
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Outlook for Finland’s Forest Industry Production and Wood Consumption for 2015 and 2020

This document presents the summary and conclusions of the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) outlook study, published in May 27, 2009.

Previous long-term outlook studies for the Finnish forest industry production and wood consumption have typically overestimated actual development. The closest approximation to the trends now unfolding appears to have been the forecasts published in June 2006 by Metla (Hetemäki et al. 2006). Admittedly, even they now seem to be proving overoptimistic, even if the effects of the recession are not taken into account. As a consequence of the unexpected slump, Metla's assessments are likely to turn out to be clear overestimations.

The whole summary and conclusions (pdf)

Additional information:

  • Lauri Hetemäki, Vantaa Research Unit, Tel. +358 10 211 2218, lauri.hetemaki @ metla.fi
  • Riitta Hänninen, Vantaa Research Unit, Tel. +358 10 211 2232, riitta.hanninen @ metla.fi
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