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Available now: Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2007

The Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2007 has been published. It describes the main events within the Finnish forest sector in the form of concise statistics. In addition to statistics ranging over long time series, the Yearbook contains detailed statistics of the year 2006. The book provides also recent data on a monthly basis until autumn 2007 on topics, such as roundwood sales and fellings. This year we have reason to celebrate, for the Finnish Forest Statistical Yearbook has been published for forty years.

The most significant development trend observable in the statistics is the increase in roundwood prices. The steep rise in domestic stumpage prices started during summer 2006 and for roundwood imports in early 2007. The prices for softwood logs increased by more than 50 per cent per year, which was mainly due to a positive development in exports prices for sawn timber.

Increases in the customs tariffs on roundwood exports set by the Russian Federation have been a topic of keen discussion. Russia announced that there will be gradual increases in its customs tariffs; the first increase was enforced at the beginning of July 2007 and the last one is due at the beginning of 2011. Imported roundwood accounts for a quarter of the wood volume consumed by the forest industries in Finland . The Yearbook contains detailed statistical data on the significance of domestic and imported wood for the Finnish forest industries.

The first regional data of the 10th National Forest Inventory (NFI10) became available in summer 2007. The volume of the growing stock amounted to 2189 million m3 and the annual increment of the growing stock was 99 million m3. Of the growing stock, 94 per cent grows on forest and scrub land available for wood supply. There are 2.9 million hectares of protected forests or forests under restricted forestry use in Finland , i.e. 13 per cent of the total forest area (forest land and scrub land). The increment of the growing stock in Finnish forests is clearly higher than the fellings from them. Hence, the volume of the growing stock has increased since the 1970s, and our forests have sequestrated greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. They thus serve as carbon dioxide sinks.

The Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2007, with all the tables and figures also in English, contains more than 400 pages on Finnish forestry and forest industries. It also contains information on the forest ecosystem, multiple use of forests and environmental issues.

All Metla’s forest statistics are available also through the Internet at Metinfo Statistical Service (subject to a charge). An electronic version of the Yearbook can be downloaded from the same address, including the graphs and tables.

Publication: Metsätilastollinen vuosikirja 2007. Skogsstatistisk årsbok. Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry. Editor-in-Chief: Aarre Peltola. 436 pages, price 42 € (incl. VAT).


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