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Press release 23.01.2007

Finnish Forest Cluster Research Portal opens

Renewal is one of the key targets of the Research Strategy of the Finnish Forest Cluster and the Strategic Research Agenda of the European Forest-based Sector Technology Platform. Efficient tools are needed to enable researchers from traditional and completely new areas to contribute to the implementation of the national and Europe-wide research agendas.

The Finnish Forest Cluster Research Portal is designed to help researchers in Finland and abroad to prepare for the implementation of the Finnish NRA. On the portal based on Wiki technology, research groups can solicit their competences, post research ideas, and plan projects. Help is provided by facilitators who will put forward research needs derived from the research agenda and the subsequent programs. The programs will be launched by a national Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Forest Cluster.

The providers of the Finnish Forest Cluster Research Portal hope that the tool will prove useful not only in Finland but also in the whole European research community that is interested in the research challenges of the forest-based sector. The platform can easily accommodate other national or European agendas.

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