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Press release 19.9.2006

Statistics on forest conservation areas available at Metinfo

Updated information on areas of protected forests in Finland is now available on the Metinfo website maintained by the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla). The information is to be found at the address, (in Finnish).

The forest conservation statistics contain data on the stand areas of protected forests and forests under restricted forestry use. The figures are based on the principles for compiling statistics, created by the harmonization group for forest protection classification and statistics (SUTI) in 2002.

The area data was compiled from the data submitted by Metsähallitus, Ministry of the Environment, Forestry Development Centre Tapio, Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla), Finnish Forest Industries Federation and the Åland Islands’ provincial government.

The data on conservation areas is given in Excel format, broken down by forestry centres, land classes, protection classes and conservation area types. The stated areas cover the land area excluding water areas.

The statistics describe the situation on January 1, 2005. The aim is to be able to update the data on an annual basis.

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