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Press release 22.06.2006

Kristiina Borg, PhD, becomes as Service Director at Metla

The Board of the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) assembled on June 20, 2006 and nominated Dr. Kristiina Borg to serve as the Service Director starting August 1, 2006.

Dr. Borg transfers to her new position as Metla’s Service Director from her position as Director of the Consumer Agency. Her previous positions include managerial positions, for example, at the National Veterinary and Food Research Institute of Finland EELA). Dr. Borg was granted her PhD degree from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2002. She has also a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the University of Helsinki and Master of Laws trained on the bench.

As Metla’s Service Director, Dr. Borg will be responsible for Metla’s internal services and, together with the Research Directors and Finance Director, for the planning of operations and finance. Additionally, the Service Director’s duties include creating a proposal on behalf of the internal services for resource allocation to national service projects and research units, as well as directing, controlling and developing the operations of the support processes under her leadership. The Service Director also nominates and hires permanent and fixed-term personnel for national service initiatives, excluding the positions subject to the nomination powers of the Director General of Metla.

The position of the Service Director has been created as part of Metla’s new strategy that came into effect at the beginning of 2006. Along with the organization change implemented at the beginning of this year, Metla adopted a process-based organization, which consists of core and support processes. The core processes are production, acquisition and practical implementation of research information, providing services as a public authority, and providing research services funded by customers. Research processes include strategic planning and management, internal services and support services for research. Internal services consist of permanent service initiatives with budget responsibility (personnel management services, general and facility management services, finance management services and information management services).

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