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Press release 03.05.2006

Occurrence of forest damage in Finland 1986–94

Metsätieteen aikakauskirja 1/2006 contains detailed results on occurence of forest damage in Finland, based on results of the 8th national forest inventory (NFI). The eighth inventory was carried out between the years 1986–1994.

About 40 percent of the forest ed area of the whole country was affected by damage of various degree. Of the damage, about 88 percent were mild or relatively mild, about 11 percent serious and only about one percent was defined as complete damage. Complete damage was found on almost 72,000 hectares. In Southern Finland, some degree of damage was found on one third and in Northern Finland on about one half of forest land area. The injuries were also clearly more serious in Northern Finland than in Southern Finland. In Southern Finland, 25.8 percent of total standing timber volume was affected by damage, and 49.1 percent in Northern Finland. The volume of dying and usable dead standing timber in all the country’s forests totalled 2.7 percent of total standing timber volume. Most damage occurred in predominantly pine and broad-leaf forests, and at seedling stage and old stands. In Northern Finland most damage was found in spruce stands.

The most common causal agents were various fungal diseases, such as Gremmeniella abietina, wood-rotting fungi, resin-top disease and other fungal diseases, as well as moose and other vertebrates. Other significant causal agents included wind and snow. Defoliation of stands was found in less than one fifth of forest land area. Defoliation of individual conifers was mostly mild.

Publication: Yli-Kojola, H. & Nevalainen, S. 2006. Metsätuhojen esiintyminen Suomessa 1986–94. Metsätieteen aikakauskirja 1/2006: 97–180.

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