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Press release 12.04.2006

European forest research sites combined into a network

The most important European field research facilities engaged in long-term forest research have been linked together to form ENFORS, a network covering 26 countries. The objective of the network is to consolidate long-term scientific knowledge as a basis for sustainable development of European forests. The basic data about the research sites, their locations and ecosystems, their major research topics, infrastructure and research services are compiled into the ENFORS database.

ENFORS (European Network for long-term Forest Ecosystem and Landscape Research) is a network of European forest research sites. Its vision is to consolidate long-term forest research as a foundation for sustainable forest development in Europe. The network covers 26 countries, 200 long-term research sites and 100 research organizations. The aim is to enhance shared use of research materials collected from the ENFORS sites by harmonizing data systems and data collection methods.

The ENFORS sites perform long-term research into, for example, nutrient and carbon cycling in the forest ecosystem, as well as biodiversity and productivity of forests. The core areas of the ENFORS network in Finland are Metla’s research forests at Pallasjärvi, Kivalo, Parkano and Vesijako, the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station of the University of Helsinki, and the Mekrijärvi Research Station of the University of Joensuu. The other research forests of Metla are part of the ENFORS network as complementary sites. Hence, the ENFORS research sites are representative of the Finnish forests from south to north and from east to west.

Preparations for the ENFORS network were made as part of the COST E25 programme during 2001-2005. COST is a pan-European forum for the advancement of scientific collaboration, comprising 35 European countries and collaboration partners also outside Europe.

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