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Press release 22.03.2006

International seminar on forest planning in private forests

Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) is organising a seminar on forest planning in Finland, Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden. The seminar will be hold in Koli at Heritage Centre Ukko on 23-24 of March 2006.

The seminar includes presentations on forest resources and forest policy instruments guiding the use of private forests in five participating countries; inventory and planning practices and the basis of interactive and participatory forest planning. In addition, experiences on the on-going case studies of forest planning will be shared.

The seminar is organised as a part of an ELAV (Enhancing Local Activity and Values from forest land through community-led strategic planning) project. The project is partly funded by Interreg III B Northern Periphery –programme. 16 partners from Finland, Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden are involved in the project. Finnish partners are Finnish Forest Research Institute, Regional Forestry Center Northern Karelia, Forest Management Association Northern Karelia. One aim of the project is to develop methods for forest planning supporting the development of local livelihood based on forests. Each country participating in the project has its own case study area. The experiences got from the case study areas are shared in seminars, meetings and during the international exchanges and these experiences are used for the development of new methods. In Finland the local forestry programme is prepared for the case study area of Koli and Hattusaari in Northern Karelia.

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