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Press release 10.03.2006

NettiMELA - an analysis tool for forest management planning at the internet

The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) has released an internet service for forest management planning based on the Finnish MELA system. MELA is an operational decision support system developed and maintained by Metla based on its forest research. The service is intended for forest organisations responsible for the management of large forest areas as well as for service providers in forest management planning. Via internet NettiMELA transfers research results into practical forestry and its planning systems fast and effectively.

MELA is a general analysis tool for forest management planning. It can be used e.g. in the computational updating of forest resource data and in the search of effective or optimal production programs for forest areas (a property or a company). When linked with end-user applications for forest planning, the MELA software supports interactive planning. For example, the current MELA version provides more diversified and detailed information for taking into account errors and risk. Furthermore, MELA allows flexible combinations of various data sources and models to improve cost-efficiency and effectiveness of forest inventory and planning.

NettiMELA is based on the research and development work of Metla's Forest Management Planning research programme (MTS 1999-2006) that supports the development of the next generation planning system.

The new MELA version and its internet applications were released during the MELA Users Day and presented in a Metla's Working Paper (in Finnish).

Publication: Nuutinen, T. & Kettunen, L. (eds.) 2005. MELA2005 and internet applications. Metla Working Papers 15. 65 p. ISBN 951-40-1972-5. (in Finnish)

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