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Media release 18.10.2005

Motti software completed
Metla releases a stand-level planning tool for alternative forest management practices

Metla has released application software that allows forest owners to produce various forest management schedules for a specified forest stand using user-defined parameters. The Motti software can be downloaded from Metla’s website at:

Motti is based on Metla’s extensive field measurement data and it has been developed in cooperation with users. Motti facilitates assessing the effects of different forest management practices on stand development and the profitability of forest management. Motti’s growth and yield models are applicable everywhere in Finland.

Results gained from growth and yield studies can be applied using Motti. Furthermore, the user can enter stumpage prices by tree species and timber assortments, silvicultural costs (e.g. costs of first commercial thinnings, fertilisation and ditch network maintainance) and interest rate. The program produces predicted development for the user-defined initial forest stand until the end of the rotation.

Motti is designed primarily to be used as a stand-level decision support tool in forest management. For example, the forest owner can calculate what happens if he omits the first commercial thinning. Motti can be used to assess the effects of management practices assigned for a forest stand, such as precommercial thinnings, thinnings, fertilisation and ditch network maintenance in peatland forests. The user can adjust parameters such as thinning intensity and proportions of tree species, and define the timing of thinnings and final cutting. If no user-defined treatments are entered, Motti creates a default program for the forest stand based on forest management recommendations. When requested, a summary of the results can be printed.

The Motti software supplements the decision support services supplied by Metla. Motti was originally developed to serve as a modelling tool, when growth and yield models were being created for the Mela forest planning program. The Mela software has been available for Metla’s customers since 1996; it is a forest management and planning tool specifically developed for conditions in Finland. It is a widely applied tool for updating forest management planning data and for various planning calculations of forest stands or forest holdings. Motti provides an easy way to assess various forest management options at stand level.

The Motti software is also supplied in CD version with the book, “Tuottava metsänkasvatus” (Profitable forest management) published by Metsäkustannus Oy and Metla. The book contains practical examples calculated with Motti.

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