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Media release 21.09.2005

Strong demand for Nordic wood harvesting methods in the Republic of Karelia

Development of wood supply in Karelia can be limited due to shortage of forest resources. Karelian logging companies are facing challenges related to forest management and wood harvesting technology. There is demand for progressive forest management methods which could be supported by the Nordic cut-to-length wood harvesting method. This information was reported in a recent working paper published by the Finnish Forest Research Institute on logging companies in Karelia .

The working paper provides a comprehensive general view of the current status of Karelian logging companies. Changes that have occurred during the past decade in the forest sector have set major challenges for Karelian logging companies. The report describes changes that have taken place in the business environment as well as the change requirements due to financial, social and ecological reasons and their impact on the development needs of logging companies, necessitating changes in technology, equipment as well as management systems.

The research was carried out in collaboration with the Petrozavodsk State University, the students of which interviewed representatives of logging companies during 2004. Based on geographical locations, the research material was organised into four clusters. Each cluster contains a description of two to three companies, and SWOT analysis was also used to interpret their operations.

The working paper is part of a larger research initiative “Development of Forest Sector in Northwest Russia and its impact in Finland”.

Publication: Gerasimov, Yuri, Siounev, Vladimir, Chikulaev, Pavel, Pechorin, Vladimir, Dyakonov, Victor, Komkov, Victor, Sikanen, Lauri & Karjalainen, Timo. 2005. An analysis of logging companies in the Republic of Karelia . Working Papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute 16. 39 pp. ISBN 951-40-1973-3.
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