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Media release 04.08.2005

Media releases from Metla spreading more efficiently
Metla joins GFIS RSS-feed syndication

The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla, has formed a partneship with the Global Forest Information Service (GFIS) as an information provider. Since May 2005 the partner organisations have delivered globally their news, events and open positions through GFIS website with the help of RSS-feeds. In addition, the RSS-feed to Metla media releases can be subscribed directly to your own RSS-reader.

The GFIS is an initiative by the Collaborative Partnership on Forestry (CPF) and is coordinated by IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organisations). The Service is a network of websites and databases that provides an easy and efficient way to reach global forest information, and improves the networking possibilities among forest professionals. Currently, links to both the Finnish and English media releases are provided through this service, but links to events and recent publications may be added later.

The RSS acronym comes from the words Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It is a way for information providers to provide direct and fresh links to information for the information users. With RSS feeds users may easily track news items, blogs and event calendars published on the Internet. By using RSS-feeds page updates and changes may be easily tracked without visiting the actual websites. Most major newspapers and broadcasting companies are already providing categorized RSS-feeds to their various news-items on their websites. There is often a small orange icon RSS feed for Metla media releases or RSS feed for Metla media releases as a sign of an existing RSS-feed for the content.

To follow the RSS-feeds you will need a separate free or commercial RSS-reader, which are downloadable from the Internet. The information provider codes the references to XML-format and the information users then receives an announcement of the new item with her reader. The program combines most recent news headlines from many different websites. The address to the RSS-feed is copied from the website and entered to the reader. The reader software usually contains a built in address list to feed which it is tracking but additional feed can be entered according to the users' own interests. Some web-browsers have a built-in RSS-reader. As an example in Mozilla Firefox 1.0 the users may define so-called "live bookmarks". As a sign that a page is linked to an RSS-feed an orange icon appears on the lower right hand corner of the browser window.

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Press releases in English are available at:   Metlan RSS-newsfeed
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