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Media release 10.06.2005

NorSEN project launched
Monitoring of natural resources in the changing climate

Metla participates in the new Interreg IIIA Nordkalotten project creating a network of measurement points for the coniferous forest belt, atmosphere, ice sheet and maritime areas in the Scandinavian Shield. Additionally, seasonal rhythmic pattern and leaf area index (LAI) are measured in the project. The measurement data is compared to the satellite data. Data produced by the satellites can be applied better to the special conditions in the northern areas using the measurement network created to the area.

The importance of the satellites in monitoring the atmosphere and the environment is rapidly increasing. A new observation and advance warning system for environmental changes can be created with the new numerical methods and modelling. The methods and infrastructure developed during the project enhance production of environmental information to the public administration as well as to the citizens.

The Nordkalotten Satellite Evaluation co-operation Network (NorSEN) project is led by the Arctic Research Centre of the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Sodankylä. The project involves 16 organisations from Finland, Sweden and Norway. The participants from Metla are the Research Stations in Muhos, Suonenjoki and Kolari.

The activities of Metla are particularly focused on the utilisation of phenologic metrics data obtained by Metla. Changes in the phenological phenomena, i.e. the rhythmics in the life cycle of various species, are the first signs of changes in the climate. In the phenological part of the project, methods are developed to interpret the satellite data. These methods can be used for observation of climate changes and for establishing a prognosis of the effects in the Scandinavian Shield area. At baseline, a survey on the existing satellite time series and phenological follow-up data is performed. The best evaluation methods for phenological and ecological research in the arctic environment are identified on basis of algorithm testing.

Sponsors: Interreg IIIA Nordkalotten, State Provincial Office of Lapland.

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