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Media release 28.04.2005

New forest management recommendations for North-West Russia

Recommendations for best forest management practices for North-West Russia have now been completed as part of the research project “Development of sustainable forest management in North-West Russia” coordinated by Metla, the Finnish Forest Research Institute. The instructions were created in cooperation with Russian and Finnish specialists, and they can be used when the Russian forest management and guidelines are being revised as part of the renewal of the Russian legislation on forestry.

The new forest management recommendations include instructions for forest regeneration, tending of seedling stands, thinning, and final felling. Technological, economical, silvicultural, social and environmental viewpoints have been taken into consideration in the recommendations. Emphasis has also been placed on occupational safety which, so far, has attracted little attention in Russia.  

The project group used the most recent research results and practical experience from North-West Russia and Finland for creating the recommendations. The group also used the forest management requirements set by Russian regulatory norms and international agreements as a basis for the recommendations. Furthermore, the forest technology in use in north-western Russia as well as local conditions were taken into consideration. In addition to Finnish researchers, the project included a large number of Russian experts from forest administration, forest research and educational institutions from different parts of North-West Russia.

Correct timing for the recommendations

Russia is currently renewing its legislation on forestry and at the same time, its guidelines for best forest management practices. The timing was right for the completion of the forest management recommendations for North-West Russia, because they can now be used when regional forest management guidelines are being created, as a consequence of the new forest code.

The research project not only produced the recommendations but developed methods to support decision making when evaluating the effects of different forest management measures on a forest stand regarding the development and timber amount and quality produced from the stand.

“Development of sustainable forest management in North-West Russia” was a sub-project of the bilateral cooperation programme “Sustainable forest management and conservation of biological diversity in North-West Russia” coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland and the Ministry of the Environment of Finland. The results and recommendations of the research project coordinated by Metla were introduced in a seminar held on April 22, 2005 at the Forest Research Institute in St. Petersburg.

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