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Media release 8.3.2005

A new project starting:
Challenges in roundwood trade between Finland and Russia - a cultural approach

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The Finnish Forest Research Institute has released a working report on a study project that will clarify the challenges in roundwood trade between Finland and Russia.

More than one fifth of the roundwood used in Finland is imported. More than 80 percent of this amount originates from Russia. In 2003 the volume of the roundwood trade from Russia was 13.5 million cubic metres. Currently Finnish companies must make contracts on roundwood procurement with as many as a hundred Russian logging organizations or supplier companies. Hence the need for marketing oriented expertise and know-how has rapidly increased especially in Russia, where the changes in Russian society have also changed the roundwood trade which is no longer centrally organized.

The study being started will aim to provide information on intercultural issues to enhance provisions for trading. The study will provide information to both Finnish and Russian trading partners on each other’s conventions in making contracts, in legislation, in distribution of liabilities and in communications.

The working report made by the Finnish Forest Research Institute prepares the ground for a survey to be executed in Finland and Russia; the study will be started this year. The survey will consist of interviews of key persons involved in roundwood trade and other associated functions.

The working report is part of the Finnish Forest Research Institute’s research project “Development of Forest Sector in Northwest Russia and its impact in Finland” (3384).

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  • Viitanen, Jari, phone:+ 358 10 211 3033, email: jari.viitanen @


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