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Press release 02.03.2005

Liisa Tyrväinen appointed as professor of nature tourism

The Management Board of the Finnish Forest Research instituted (Metla) has appointed on 1.3.2005 Dr.(For.) Liisa Tyrväinen as professor of nature tourism. The placement of this position is at the Rovaniemi Research Station. This fixed-term position is funded jointly by Metla, University of Lapland and Metsähallitus.

The job description of the professor of nature tourism includes development of forest based tourism, regional economic effects of tourism, the environmental sustainability of tourism, and development of the use of protected areas. Important current research topics are also conflicts between various uses of forest nature and their settlement. Other tasks of the professor of nature tourism is to teach at the Faculty of Business and Tourism and to facilitate external funding for nature tourism projects.

Broad know-how in various aspects of nature tourism research, good knowledge of European and Finnish multiple-use forestry as well as skills in economics, planning and entrepreneurship were considered as strengths of Dr. Tyrväinen. Her extensive list of publications impressed the experts.

Dr. Tyrväinen received her Master's degree at the University of Helsinki and her dissertation with the title"Monetary valuation of urban forest amenities in Finland" (abstract) was accepted in 1999 at the University of Joensuu in the field of environmental protection and management of forests.

During the last five years Dr. Tyrväinen has worked in the universities of Joensuu and Helsinki as a researcher and project manager in several projects dealing with nature tourism and landscape planning. Tyrväinen's term starts on August 1st, 2005 and ends on February 29th, 2008.

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