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Finnish textbook "Introduction to Forest Engineering " published in Russian

A Russian language edition of the textbook written by the director of Metla Parkano Research Station, Dr. Jori Uusitalo will be announced on Friday, Feb 25th, 2005. The original Finnish edition was published in 2003.


Cut-to-length method is nowdays more and more used in wood harvesting in Russia. However, there is lack of special literature and study materials in Russian. An important target group of this textbooka are forestry machine operators. The book covers also various actions dealing with the use of forest resources, various working methods, logistics and economy.

The Russian edition differs from the Finnish one only in one chapter describing wood trade types. The main emphasis is on the roundwood assortment method used in the Nordic countries. The book also has a short review on harveting methods used in other parts of the world.

The suggestion for the publishing of this book came from the Komi republic in Russia. The publication occasion has an eminent participation, starting from the former minister of forests of the Komi Republic. On the occasion the floor is given to Dr. Jori Uusitalo and also to professor Petrov Anatoli Pavlovich and Kalevi Kyyrönen, the publishing project coordinator..

The book is published by Oy FEG - Forest and Environment Group Ltd, a consulting agency operation in Joensuu, Finland. The printing of 1000 copies will be used mainly for educational purposes at forest sector educational institutes. The project has been funded by Finnish forest machinery and forestry companies.


For additional information, please contact:

  • Dr. Jori Uusitalo
    Finnish Forest Research Institute, Parkano Research Station
    ph. +358 10 211 4010, +358 50 391 4010

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