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Press release 10. Nov. 2004
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Photos of the Metla House


The gable wall of the Metla House  (Photo: Metla / Erkki Oksanen)
Tarred old logs form the gable walls of the new Metla House in Joensuu. (Photo: Metla / Erkki Oksanen)


Shingle-roofed conference room of the Metla House. Photo: Metla / Erkki Oksanen)
The shingle roofed conference room in the inner court of the Metla House resembles an overturned boat. (Photo: Metla / Erkki Oksanen)


Bundled pillars in the Metla House (Photo: Metla / Erkki Oksanen)
Architect Antti-Matti Siikala who designed the Metla House got the idea for the tilted wooden columns from fish chests used for catching lampreys. (Photo: Metla / Erkki Oksanen)


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