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Press release 27 Oct 2004

Professor Risto Seppälä an Honorary Professor at the
Chinese Academy of Forestry

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The Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF) has confered professor Risto Seppälä of the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) the degree of Honorary Professor for his research work and efforts for the development of international forest research collaboration. The title was presented by Madam Jiang Zehui, the President of CAF, in a social occasion held in Beijing, October 18th 2004.

Since the year 2001 Risto Seppälä has been the President of the International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO). IUFRO was established in 1892 and it has members in 110 countries. The organisation has almost 300 international research groups which organise about 100
scientific meetings annually in all over the world.

CAF is the largest forest research organisation in the world. The President of the Republic of Finland, Tarja Halonen received an honorary doctorate by CAF in 2002.

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