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Communication released 1.9.2004

Jussi Uusivuori as Professor of Forest Economics
Jori Uusitalo as Director of Parkano Research Station

On 31st August 2004 the Management Board of the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) has appointed Jussi Uusivuori, Ph.D., as the Professor of social economics of forestry at the Vantaa Research Centre and Jori Uusitalo, D.Sc.(Agr. & For.), as the Director of Parkano Research Station.

The study field of the professorship in social economics of forestry covers forest product markets, investments in forest sector, economic behaviour of forest owners, and forest policy instrumens and their effectiveness. Besides timber production the field covers also other uses of forests.

Jussi Uusivuori studied forestry and economics at the University of Helsinki and at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he defended his doctoral thesis in forest economics in 1990. Dr. Uusivuori has worked at the Pellervo Economic Research Institute, University of Helsinki, Finnish Forest Research Institute and Academy of Finland. Since 1991 he has been a docent (adjunct professor) at the University of Helsinki. Dr. Uusivuori has carried out research in international trade, on the economic effects of forest conservation, forest taxation and on the economic behaviour of forest owners.

Parkano Research Station, established in 1961, is the first regional research station of Metla and covers the western part of Southern Finland. The main research subjects at the station are peatland forestry, forest health, forest regeneration and silviculture. The permanent full time staff is 43 persons, ten of which are researchers.

Jori Uusitalo has studied forest technology at the University of Helsinki where he defended his doctoral thesis in 1996. Uusitalo has held fixed term professorships at the University of Joensuu, both in wood and forest technology. In 2001 he was appointed as and adjunct professor of forest technology in the Universities of Helsinki and Joensuu. Uusitalo research has covered timber harvesting and wood quality among other things.

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Contact information for Jussi Uusivuori:
Jussi Uusivuori
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Jori Uusitalo / University of Joensuu
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