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Press Release, 27th August 2003
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Nature conservation areas in border districts
- potential for co-operation across the borders

Representatives from European countries will meet in Koli National Park, Finland, in October 2003

Nature conservation areas, national parks and biosphere reserves in the border areas offer an example of practical co-operation between countries. The state borders, however, restrict movement of as well people as of animals. In order to increase co-operation across the state borders and possibly to diminish these restrictions, the representatives of European national parks and biosphere reserves meet at an international seminar "Transfrontier National Parks and Biosphere Reserves in Europe " in the Koli National Park, Finland, in 23.-24. August, 2003.

The two-day-meeting will highlight the current situation and future prospects of the border-area national parks and biosphere reserves in Europe. In addition, the seminar gives a broad overview on the management, users, tourism and problems of national parks and other protected areas in Europe, especially in East Europe. The seminar will gather experiences and opinions on establishing, managing and developing national parks and protected areas in border districts by examining practical examples. These issues are discussed on the basis of the experiences of the participants from, for instance, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, France, Lithuania and Finland. The representatives of UNESCO and of the EUROPARC Federation - the co-operative organisation of Europe's protected areas - will also give a presentation in the seminar.

"Transfrontier National Parks and Biosphere Reserves in Europe" -seminar will be held in Heritage Centre Ukko, Koli National Park in Eastern Finland. The seminar is open for all interested parties; the seminar fee includes seminar materials, proceedings, meals and the side event. All the presentations and discussions will be interpreted into English and Finnish. The seminar is arranged jointly by the Finnish Forest Research Institute and the North Carelia Regional Environment Centre and it is supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and University of Joensuu. This seminar is second of the five Koli Border Forum events supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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