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Media release 21 November 2002


Professor Matti Palo
invited as an affiliate professor to Costa Rica

The CATIE University (Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center), Costa Rica, has nominated Professor Matti Palo to act as an affiliate professor. As an affiliate professor, professor Palo will, e.g., lecture on the globalisation of the forest sector and its effects in the Latin America. CATIE is specialised in research on the natural resources of the Latin America.

Professor Palo holds the position of the professor of forest economics in the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla). In 1996-2001, Professor Palo was responsible for the research programme "The World Forests, Society and Environment". The programme was coordinated by Metla, and a total of eight research organisations around the world participated in it.

Photo (c) Metla/Erkki Oksanen

During his career, professor Palo has done modelling on the deforestation in the tropical forests: its causes, effects, and the various future scenarios of it. Professor Palo has previously done research work in Latin American countries, for example in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brasil, Argentina and Chile.


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Contacts and further information:
Professor Matti Palo, The Finnish Forest Reserach Institute, ph. + 358 9 8570 5770, e-mail: matti.palo@metla.fi, personal homepage: www.metla.fi/pp/MPal/index-en.htm

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