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Gerardo Mery, from Finland, nominated as the coordinator
of IUFRO's global research project "World Forests, Society and

The Board of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) has nominated MSc.(For.), senior researcher Gerardo Mery from the Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) as the coordinator of IUFRO's special project "World Forests, Society and Environment" for a two-year period 2002-2003.

Mr Mery arrived in Finland from Chile in the mid 1970's, studied forestry at the University of Helsinki, and has worked in Metla since 1982. Mr Mery's main research topics have included forest-based development, forest assessment, contribution of forestry to carbon sequestration, and deforestation and forest plantations issues. In addition, he has actively promoted several forestry cooperation projects between Finland and Latin American countries, Chile in particular.

Metla initiated the World Forests, Society and Environment -research project in 1996, lead by professor Matti Palo. The project was adopted in the IUFRO structure in 2001. Currently ten research partner organisations, located in five continents, are involved. The mission of WFSE is directed towards the promotion of globally relevant research, effective dissemination and human capacity building concerning the interrelationships of forests, society and environment in support of sustainable development and the well being of people. By far the project has published five books on global forest issues and developed a wide database on trade flows of forest products.

Dr. Markku Kanninen - Sub director of CATIE, the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center; Costa Rica - was nominated Chairperson of the Steering Committee of WFSE.


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More Information:
Gerardo Mery, researcher, tel. +358 9 8570 5296, e-mail: gerardo.mery@metla.fi
Jari Varjo, Director of International Activities, Metla, Mobile phone: +358 40 569 4699,
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