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Media release, 6 March 2001

New Internet pages for Metla

The new Internet -pages of the Finnish Forest Research Institute were opened in the beginning of March, 2001. In addition to the visual layout, the page compilation processes and structure of the site have also been renewed.

The contents of the site have been reorganised. Descriptions of e.g. Metla's services, research activities, publications and research forests can be found under the respective titles.

Special attention has been paid to the updating of the pages. Basic information about each research project and research programme - i.e. targets, results, publications, researchers, and media releases (only in Finnish) are generated directly from Metla's research data bases. The databases can be updated by the project personnel. All the media releases since 1994 have been linked to the respective research projects, research programmes and publications. The media release archive supports a range of searche procedures.

Metinfo - forest information services

The Metinfo -services provide up-to-date information and expert services related to

The Metinfo -services currently include a total of almost ten services on a wide range of topics. Most of the services are in Finnish, but in the future more services will be provided in English.

Visit our pages and mail us feedback!
The development of our Internet -services will continue. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the reorganisation. We also highly appreciate all feedback about the pages - it will help us to develop our services to meet the requirements of information users.

For more information, please contact:
Heli Mikkelä, e-mail heli.mikkela@metla.fi
Jarmo Saarikko, e-mail jarmo.saarikko@metla.fi


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